About Us

The Peepal Tree is an initiative to strengthen human bonds; to inspire teachers and parents alike; to lay a strong foundation for our children.

Peepal Tree aims to enhance human values through education.

"Education should serve to enlarge the
vision and broaden the outlook of the people."

- Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Take the first step to a stronger foundation.

The Founder

A. V. S. Sireesha

Sireesha is Teacher Trainer, Parenting Coach and a Student Counsellor based out of Hyderabad.

A Postgraduate in Mathematics with versatile experience in teaching the students in secondary level Mathematics in different parts of the country for about a decade. She also holds Family and Marriage Counselling PG Diploma from Osmania University.

Looking at the real need of children and understanding the problem children facing, she thought of moving ahead and started coaching children on the purpose of education and ways of learning. As the parents and teachers play a major role in childhood development, the idea emerged and started looking at all the three facets of development

She has undergone training as a Life Skills Trainer from “Dream A Dream”, one of the leading organizations of the country. She worked as a Lead, Teacher Development at “Learning Curve”, an organization working with the relentless objective of developing children as emotionally balanced, self-aware and resilient.

 With the learnings from “Dale Carnegie” and “I Can”, she continues to upgrade the coaching and training skills which are required in an ever-changing world

 With “The Peepal Tree”, she wishes to embark upon a journey of facilitating and empowering Teachers and Parents, the most important stakeholders in the growth of “Children”.

 She conducts workshops in schools, Colleges, Teacher training institutes for teachers and parents. She also conducted independent sessions on “The Art of Parenting” for parents across Hyderabad and other towns of AP.

 For several years, she was a Bal Vikas Guru, the program which enables a child blossoming into a righteous and responsible citizen of the country. She volunteered for content development for the noble program “Vidya Vahini”, which enhances human values through education.


We believe we can enhance human values through education and string bonds between teachers, students and parents together.


Our Vision is to facilitate and empower teachers and parents, the most important stakeholders in the growth of children.


Our Team

Deepika V.

Deepika V. has done her MSc in Mathematics and Masters in education. She is a certified software tester. And a math teacher as well, who is an apple of eyes to her students and equally loved by colleagues. She is more interested in children’s behaviour as well as their emotional well being. She clearly loves her works. She works not as a responsibility but for the holistic development of children.

She was a Bal Vikas student and now a Bal Vikas guru, which made her open-minded. She is always eager to meet new students and forms bonds very easily.

She met Sireesha at a program named Vidya Vahini (a prestigious program of Sri Sathya Sai Seva organisation working for rural children) and they worked together. Being like-minded they started working on the emotional well-being of children.

Together they have been co-facilitating sessions for parents,  as well as children through  The Peepal Tree. 

Mr.Bhargav is a young & dynamic entrepreneur. After operating his startup Tavernhut in the restaurant industry, Mr Bhargav is currently running Cashew processing business ACAJU PROCESSING PVT LTD, in Nellore.

With great academic credentials, Mr Bhargav identifies with the vision of The Peepal Tree in inculcating human values in children by empowering teachers and parents. He makes regular contributions to the organization, by reaching out to schools and taking care of logistics for conducting sessions and events.

Bhargav R.


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Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what our S.U.P.E.R KIDS and parents have to say.

"Mrs. Sireesha is an amazing mentor! Life skills training with Sireesha, our Teachers appreciate the importance of helping our children prepare themselves for life challenges. We found the Workshop very informative, practical and helpful. The role plays and group discussions based on real cases helped reinforce our confidence and ability as educators and facilitators. Our staff learned a lot on how to approach kids with a positive attitude and apply the new skills with everyday life. I now know how to create an activity to reinforce learning. We received great feedback from our Teachers and look forward to working with Sireesha again!"
D. Sridevi
Director, Shloka school, Nandikotkur
“I thought I should have commented earlier on the Examination preparation techniques which my daughter attended, but I realize it's more appropriate to comment because I see her implement the techniques shared by you. I'm really thankful for such an interesting session and also proud that kids were able to register, recall and implement. Thanks again Sireesha ji"
Parent, Senior Manager Oracle
"The training experience was fruitful. I felt as though I was a part of the class. I enjoyed the instructor. She was upbeat, clear and precise. she did a great job explaining the various topics, guiding the class in the activities and It had a clear methodology which is easy to follow now that I have been training. For example, how to manage a class room, how to respond to unwanted behavior, to how to create a lesson plan. Very informative and useful information, especially for those with limited or no prior experience. Thanks for developing it and continuous improvement."
V. Sarika
Teacher, Shloka School
“We think you have a great teaching style in which you used stuff from different sources and combine them into a simplified version which will help us in easier ‘digestion’ of the knowledge. You are a friendly and understanding tutor, which would help us communicate with you better. And last for not least, you have a very unique way of teaching in the sense that…you use the day to day experiments as a source to teach things for each lesson. So overall, I had a fun and enriching time learning from you.”
“Well, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the lesson so enjoyable and interesting that I looked forward to attending all your lessons!"
Xth batch students
Student, Shloka School