Why Teacher Development Programs?

All the teacher programs are sculptured after a strenuous thought process to fit all teachers and their students equally. Our main goal is to help them in the best way, to succeed in nurturing a child by developing their various skills to understand the children better.

Teacher Development Workshops:

Great teachers help create great students.

The importance of the relationships between teachers and students is crucial to students’ academic and psychological development.

And the longer Such relationships last, the better the chance they have a positive influence on the students.

Positive student-teacher relationships can protect students from toxic stress. They may help in preventing  all behaviour problems, enhance a child’s academic prospects

Just as professionals in medicine, architecture, and law have opportunities to learn through examining case studies, learning best practices, and participating in internships, exemplary teacher-development programs allow teachers the time to apply their learning of theory in the context of teaching in a real classroom.

The best professional development is ongoing, experiential, collaborative, and connected to and derived from working with students and understanding their culture.

Main Features of our Workshop:

My main goal is to help teachers by developing their various skills to understand the children better. Our teacher development programs help teachers:

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We believe that with the right amount of care and support, you can turn your children’s crucial years into a delightful experience. We can help you with the right foundation through our various counselling sessions, workshops and developmental programmes. 

What We Do

Children, Parents and Teachers are a part of the crucial foundation of the society. 

Take the first step in stringing these bonds together by joining our sessions. 


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"Mrs. Sireesha is an amazing mentor! Life skills training with Sireesha, our Teachers appreciate the importance of helping our children prepare themselves for life challenges. We found the Workshop very informative, practical and helpful. The role plays and group discussions based on real cases helped reinforce our confidence and ability as educators and facilitators. Our staff learned a lot on how to approach kids with a positive attitude and apply the new skills with everyday life. I now know how to create an activity to reinforce learning. We received great feedback from our Teachers and look forward to working with Sireesha again!"
D. Sridevi
Director, Shloka school, Nandikotkur
"Mrs. Sireesha is a great mentor! The training exceeded my expectations. The instructor modeled all the techniques taught and she provided positive feedback and encouragement throughout the training. I loved using guidelines rather than rules and learning how to re-frame negatives into positives. It was very helpful to split off into different groups and learn ways to teach the students, so that the students get to know each other. The information on how to increase group participation was invaluable.
Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift! Thank you Madam, Indeed! A good investment of time. we look forward to many more learning experiences with you."
Sridhar Reddy
Chairman, Shloka School
"The training experience was fruitful. I felt as though I was a part of the class. I enjoyed the instructor. She was upbeat, clear and precise. she did a great job explaining the various topics, guiding the class in the activities and It had a clear methodology which is easy to follow now that I have been training. For example, how to manage a class room, how to respond to unwanted behavior, to how to create a lesson plan. Very informative and useful information, especially for those with limited or no prior experience. Thanks for developing it and continuous improvement."
V. Sarika
Teacher, Shloka School

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