Sessions for Parents

All our parenting programs are some of the most frequently conducted sessions due to the interest shown by our members. A lot of thought has been put into structuring this program to fit all parents and their unique children equally. Our main goal was not just to teach them to be the best parent, but to help them be the role model for their children that they aspire to be.

Parent Developmental Program:

Parenting is an art. It is the best gift that one can receive. From giving birth to a new life, helping them see the world, supporting them in their difficult times in different phases of their life, to seeing them as a fully grown adult.

The Art of Parenting, a wonderful experience!!!!

Have you ever planted a tree? Sowing the seed, giving it water, nurturing it, seeing the first leaf, the flower, the fruit…So  exciting.

That is what we all will experience when we see our child grow.

I believe there are no strict rules of Dos and Don’ts in parenting as every child is unique. The best thing we can do is to create a positive, joyous and loving atmosphere at home.

Parenting must strengthen family communication and build a stronger relationship in a loving way. There should always be a balance of LOVE and Law at home.

Parenting is more enjoyable when a  positive parent-child relationship is established.

The most important factor – parents’ behaviour at home within the family conveys more than words to our children. Though a parent always speaks with unconditional love truly from the bottom of their hearts, a parent must tactfully speak with their adult child to make them understand their viewpoint. Listening to their child’s concerns can help a parent maintain a caring relationship with their child.

So, keep an open mind!

 Be a careful parent today! Happy Parenting!

The Art of Parenting:

This session covers various areas of parenting. Raising a child is wonderful. And this session will help you understand your child and ways in which you can be the role mode parent- Leading your children from front.

Flourish as a C.A.R.I.N.G Parent:

In this specific session we help you understand your role as a parent. And more importantly we’ll help you flourish as a caring parent and be a role model for children.

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We believe that with the right amount of care and support, you can turn your children’s crucial years into a delightful experience. We can help you with the right foundation through our various counselling sessions, workshops and developmental programmes. 

What we do

Children, Parents and Teachers are a part of the crucial foundation of the society. 

Take the first step in stringing these bonds together by joining our sessions. 


If you’re thinking about applying for a session at The Peepal Tree, chances are the first people you’ll want to speak to is one of our parent members.

"The first response i got from her is "Amma i thought i know more about myself but i am wrong, i don't know most of the things and today's session made me think more about me and myself" I am very happy this is what i expected from u, because in today's world, we are forgetting ourselves, we are becoming slaves of the things around us like watching TV, cellphone and computer. Thank you for the wonderful session "
K.Aishwarya gowri
“I thought I should have commented earlier on the Examination preparation techniques which my daughter attended, but I realize it's more appropriate to comment because I see her implement the techniques shared by you. I'm really thankful for such an interesting session and also proud that kids were able to register, recall and implement. Thanks again Sireesha ji"

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