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Raising a S.U.P.E.R kid:

This Program is a complete development program conducted over 4 sessions.

While we designed the S.U.P.E.R program, a lot of thought went into what topics to cover and in what order.
Having spent so many years working in different schools with hundreds of students and several wonderful teachers, has given Sireesha several insights into the present education system and needs of teenagers.

What will happen if parents think only about goals and exams? Where would the citizens of the next generations learn about being responsible and living a healthy, successful and righteous life?
How will they learn to respect themselves and others, for what they are?

The first session on relationships will help children to realize that as they grow up, into their teenage and as adults, it’s their relationships that will be their biggest support system.

The fourth session, which stresses on the importance of human values, will help encourage them to learn to be empathetic to others and to be aware of their responsibilities towards the society.

We recognize the importance of Goals and Exams, for only when we are well-educated, learned and focused, can we achieve personal and professional success. But only when a person is mindful of what it means in the bigger picture of being a human, can they give us true success – personal or professional.

This was the thought process behind developing a 4-session course for children – not just to teach them the best way to succeed in school, but to prepare them to succeed in life.

Study techniques:

We educate the students on how to prepare for the exams and manage stress for the entire period. we cover ares such as: What we need to do? What we need to know? How much time we have left before exams as well as during exams. 

Goal Setting Sessions:

In these sessions we talk about why time management is important, how to set effective and achievable goals and how to avoid procastination.

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We believe that with the right amount of care and support, you can turn your children’s crucial years into a delightful experience. We can help you with the right foundation through our various counselling sessions, workshops and developmental programmes. 

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Children, Parents and Teachers are a part of the crucial foundation of the society. 

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If you’re thinking about applying for a session at The Peepal Tree, chances are the first people you’ll want to speak to is one of our S.U.P.E.R. kids.

I learnt how to think positively and
more importantly how to control my anger.
I have also learnt how to communicate with my parents.
Sree Vishnu
I have enjoyed the sessions that I have attended.
The sessions have thought me how to manage time.
And make effective time tables for the same.
The session was very helpful.
I was about think for myself. I really enjoyed it.
The session taught me how to control my anger.
I also learnt how to appropriately behave with others.
Parthib Choudhary
I learnt about anger management, the different ways to avoid conflict and how to properly behave with my parents. I have enjoyed the session very much
and I'm thankful for the things I learnt.

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