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We believe we can enhance human values through education and string bonds between teachers, students and parents together. With ‘The Peepal Tree’, we wish to embark on a journey to inspire and motivate teachers and parents, the most important stakeholders in the growth of children.







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We believe that with the right amount of care and support, you can turn your children’s crucial years into a delightful experience. We can help you with the right foundation through our various counselling sessions, workshops and developmental programmes. 

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Children, Parents and Teachers are a part of the crucial foundation of the society. 

Take the first step in stringing these bonds together by joining our sessions. 

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The Peepal Tree

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We have conducted various counselling sessions, workshops online as well as on-site in various schools and events. The Peepal Tree aims to promote strengthening bonds; to inspire and motivate teachers and parents alike; to lay a strong foundation for our children. 

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